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Integrated ERP System For Mainstream Manufacturers

DELMIAWORKS ERP System is tailored for your factory’s environment to streamline processes across sales, order processing, finance, human resources, planning, production and more.

An end-to-end ERP System developed with a “shop floor first” focus to help mid-market manufacturers increase efficiency and visibility of performance on the plant floor.




DELMIAWORKS ERP in combination with the Dassault Systèmes 3DEXPERIENCE platform creates a global infrastructure for:


Managing growth and changes to your business

Real-time visibility of production performance and profits

Collaboration and communication throughout the supplication chain

Maximizing utilization of labor, materials, equipment and capacity

Improving customer satisfaction

Extending the life of plant floor equipment

Efficient and timely planning and forecasting

Improving product quality

Ensuring industry and regulatory compliance

Reducing costs associated with waste, scrap, and rejects

Meeting responsiveness to customer demands

Tying production performance to financial results

Eliminating manual errors and data inconsistencies