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ERP Integration

Hedra PLM Solutions can help provide a workflow federator to integrate with enterprise-wide applications such as ERP, SCM, and legacy systems.

A comprehensive enterprise process management and integration tool that enables customers to optimize their business processes by integrating people, activities, enterprise applications and information within the corporation and beyond in a secure manner.

By leveraging an industry leading Workflow engine and exposes all of its runtime functionalities through a rich interface. Taking advantage of industry leading IBM WebSphere Business Integration (WBI) and MQ Messaging technologies, Users can effortlessly coordinate engineering-centric activities, which requires access and update to product definition data stored with non engineering activities, such as financial information gathering from SAP, in a harmoniously orchestrated business process flow. 

We can help increase corporations' business agility by providing real-time enterprise process monitoring and comprehensive process reporting, all crucial for analysis of business process effectiveness and timely decision-making.

Users can effortlessly coordinate engineering-centric activities and non-engineering activities in a single workflow.For instance, a workflow can include activities for creation and distribution of an ECR (Engineering Change Request) as well as activities for price search in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and supplier information search in SCM (Supply Chain Management) systems. This allows for collateral enterprise processes management that is tightly integrated with product lifecycle management.

  • Robust solution based on industry standard
  • Enhanced process visibility and decision-making.
  • Business process optimization and cycle time reduction
  • Transform business process incrementally
  • Effective Resource Management and Schedule Enhancement
  • Global collaboration
  • Increased business agility